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The Physical and Psychological Effects Of Hypospadias
By Dominique Salm, 2003


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Chapter 1: General aspects of hypospadias
Chapter 2: Surgery for hypospadias
Chapter 3: Psychological, social and sexual perspectives


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Men's Personal Experiences Of Hypospadias

Men's Experiences of Hypospadias

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A 55 year old man from the USA writes:

I am actually really proud of my penis. I have glanular hypospadias with a very large open "mouth" just below the head. The surrounding tissue is very tumescent and contributes to the large look of my glans. My penis is about 6" long and 5.75" in circumference.

I learned as an adult that doctors had diagnosed my condition when I was an infant. My parents had me circumcised but apparently nobody thought it was necessary to "correct" the condition. I am so glad for that.

I became aware of my penis being different when I was about five. My mother and father inspected it after a bath one day and said we would go see a doctor. The doctor had me urinate as he watched (which in hindsight was, I guess, to see if the steam sprayed or was fairly straight). Then he inspected the urethra, though he never caused me to get erect, so I guess he was not concerned about curvature. I will never forget what he said when my mother and I were sitting in his office after the exam was done. He said, "Everything works fine. Unless we get to the point that people run around naked, this isn't going to be a problem."

I actually do have to be careful when urinating to keep the stream straight. I need to press in lightly on either side of the underside of the glans to make the opening more round and keep stray streams from splitting off.

After that visit to the doctor, I became fascinated by others men's penises and how they differed from mine. As a teenager, I realized I was gay and I never said anything to guys about my "different" penis. I found over the years that 98% of guys either didn't care or were turned on by it. Now, in my fifties, my large urethral opening is a source of pleasure, opening it, exploring it and exhibiting it. I like the thickness and the bluntness of my penis and the large opening beneath the head. If you want to compare experiences and talk opening about your feelings, send me an email at

Mike's pictures

My name is Jared, and I am 22 years old and from central California. I have glanular Hypospadias. I did not know the condition existed until this past year. I didn't notice there was a difference with my penis until my early teen years.

I saw a few photos of a normal penis during sex education in middle school, and that's when i first started to wonder why mine was different.

I had learned to accept my difference when I could find no reason why mine was so different. While I was at college, i started to become more aware that mine was different, as the other men in the gym showers looked normal. In addition to my hypospadias, I found out that my foreskin was hooded, and did not cover the underside of my penis completely.

Depending on how soft or hard my penis is, when i urinate, my stream can change.

If it is soft I have no issues with the stream, as it will go strait. the firmer it is the more it will shoot downward.

I had a hard time wearing boxer briefs because my penis would move around and the uncovered side of my penis would become over sensitive and i would become erect easily. I couldn't even wear boxers. I decided to switch to briefs as they keep my penis in one spot, and there is not too much movement.

They are also quite comfortable. I begin to do some more research and that was when I found out that my penis had a "condition"- I then found out that other men had more severe cases and became thankful that mine was minor.

I've learned that it is not uncommon for men with hypospadias to be concerned about other men's genitals. 

I feel better knowing why I was a little over-observant, and often wondered what other men's genitals looked like.

I am a virgin, and want to wait until I am married to have sex, though I have masturbated. I have not had much issues with that except that my frenulum is shorter than normal and causes minor discomfort when erect. 

If anyone would like some more information about my experiences, or photos, pleas feel free to email me at

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UK Gay Man (click to enlarge image)

I love my Hypospadias. I was looking for a concise definition of Hypospadias online and discovered this website. Hooray! I thought - how fantastic. Then I read all the stories and was deeply moved. I have been in love with my Hypospadias for so long now that I had forgotten that it ever caused me any grief. I do remember those odd moments early in my life again after reading the stories here. I felt strange at first, a little guilty for being so care-free when others of my tribe had experience troubles.

Most guys it seems at some point clearly overcame their issues and it was their positivity that inspired me to write this.

So it began with trying to get my foreskin back aged 10. Something few receive any helpful advice for here in the UK. I saw the circumcised penis of a friend while innocently seeing how far we could pee. I just splashed and splattered at my feet. . So I thought I might do better if I pulled the skin out of the way. Later that night in the bath I tried. It hurt and tore a little and got stuck. I panicked. Yet there it was. That tell tale groove under my helmet. Not that I knew it was different then. Then as a teenager I feared showering at school and often hid in the music rooms practising the oboe.

Then I had my first sexual experience aged 20. He couldn't pull his foreskin back (a condition known as phimosis - Ed) so this made me less nervous about my hypospadias. He asked what had happened. I said it was called Hypospadias. He was cool about it. Said he rather liked it. A few years later a Dutchman I was playing with recognised the condition and asked why I didn't have surgery to fix it. I replied "It ain't broken!" My partner of 20 years adores it. He first named my groove the "love gash" which I still call it to this day.

Pissing is still splashy but so what? Some guys are splashy too and they don't have Hypospadias. I don't mind sitting down to pee. Lots of guys are fascinated by it too. I have an exceptionally good sex life with my special penis. Have had sex over the years with two guy who also had Hypospadias - I congratulated them by saying "Snap"! Neither were aware it had a name and one was a little offended. Both had milder cases than mine though.

As I said earlier I love my Hypospadias glans or "helmet". I feel sexually defined by it and post images of it on a fetish website with a definition to help educate others. I love talking about it and tell people to ask if they have any questions. Many gay men have piercings in their helmets and when they take their rings out their penises look like they have Hypospadias. So on the gay scene extra holes are cool and hip! It's a change from the ordinary. I love that I have something special that guys really dig. Proud to have Hypospadias. It's a birth difference not a defect!

Forty year old, USA

My hypospadias has been very manageable throughout my life. I did realize early in life and even into my teens that I was not quite as I should have been, but was not troubled or concerned about it. My hypospadias is mild (half an inch from normal) and has been most problematic during urination. I have learned to  tilt my penis to the left to hit the target and  to not pull my foreskin back since that results in a straight down urine stream. Sometimes my stream is solid and sometimes it sprays somewhat. I recall as a preteen, pulling my hood back to keep the glans showing which was what all the other boys looked like in the locker room.

I did not realize that I did not really have a frenulum which is a very sensitive part of the penis. I now like my loose hood which  stayed retracted one I reached my teens and I grew.  I cannot imagine having to masturbate, or have intercourse without it. You get used to what you have, and I would not trade what I have. My penis is 5.75 inches long  when erect and 5 inches in diameter, so I think I am about average - I have been complimented on how thick it is. Many with hypospadias have a penis shorter than average.  My penis does angle to the left when erect. I recall asking my wife during sex why she kept moving just a little and she said "Because your penis is not straight...remember?" As a teen with friends they did not ever really notice that I  urinated from a slightly different angle, nor do they know to this day.  I looked normal enough and since most guys do not look at another guy's penis during urination, it was not noticeable.

My Mom did tell me in my teenage years that I had hypospadias etc. at just the right age to be totally awkward. I assured her that  everything was in working order.  I do not have any children, and she probably thinks that is the cause, which it is not.  I ejaculate much more normally than I urinate, in fact I would say I ejaculate totally normally. My semen goes pretty much straight out, and my urethra is larger that most so maybe I have more projection than most because of that.

One of my greatest fears has been to be in some sort of accident that renders me unconscious so a catheter is needed in an ER, and in the heat of the moment a nurse will force it in the normal spot - that would be bad! My penis head is much flatter than most, with the split on the bottom, you can actually see a faux pee hole that just did not quite get completed. I have learned over the years that most men have a urethra that is on the very tip of the penis, which seems abnormal to me, since I am very different. I had surgery for kidney stones in 2003 and had to have a catheter for the first time and I had to explain to the nurse what the situation was. My urologist used a scope to pull a stone through and install a stint. It seems as though I urinate differently now than I did before: it is not as controllable but has gotten better.  I never considered being ashamed of my abnormality and am pleased with what I have. I feel for those that have a more pronounced hypospadias. The condition of a man's penis is directly related to how he feels about himself.

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UK Man, aged 53 at time of writing

Contact Colin on:

I was born in 1955 in South Wales one of 4, 3 boys and one girl. When I was born my penis as I was told looked like a sausage cut down the centre and at the age of 2 years I embarked on a series of painful surgery to make me a penis. My earliest memories was being in Gt Ormond Street Hospital and of the smell of theatre and peeing being very painful. My Mother who is now dead made sure I was ďmaleĒ by having hormone tests done on me before embarking on the treatment, also our local GP who was a godsend to her helped her through it all and took a close interest in what I had had done every time I came home.

My Dad didnít really speak to me about the hypospadias - I think he blamed my Mother for it and as our relationship wasnít good I never gave him the opportunity to say anything, but him being the type of man he was, he didnít want to admit his son was deformed and later gay. Because of the surgery my Mother tended to not let me ďRough & TumbleĒ with my siblings as she was afraid that the stitches would burst, which some did and I was left with holes where I leaked when I peed.

My siblings were always jealous of me Iíve found out because I got ďspecialĒ treatment and also got to spend weeks convalescing at my aunt's pub in London. She helped out with visiting me as my Mum couldnít afford to travel to London very often as I was one of 4 children, she often told me that she cried on the phone at Paddington station to my grandfather after she left me in hospital. I also hurt her once by accusing her of not loving me, as every time I came out of hospital she kept putting me back in again. Kids can be cruel I guess.

Growing up was not good with the hypospadias. I can't remember having to sit down to pee, however I used to do this if I went out, as sod's law I'd end up with a wet leg where the stream missed. I remember after one surgery a piece of skin was left across the opening so my stream split and I peed two streams which was very embarrassing, I peed on the floor more times than I care to remember, at home I wasnít so bad but my mate (we were 11 years old) said if I peed on the floor again his Mum said I wouldnít be allowed to come over again. That was hard to hear as I couldnít tell them why it happened but it was embarrassing having them think I was dirty.

Puberty went ok as such, I learnt how to wank which was good although as the skin on my penis was tight, so too much wanking left me very sore, but at the time it was nice to do lol as with most young guys. I was not bullied physically at school, but mentally I guess as I didnít join in sports etc, so I got called a girl, this type of bullying continued well into adulthood due to my lack of confidence in myself and also I wasnít at ease with being gay. In between the hypospadias surgery I also had a burst appendix plus a hernia click here to find out more which added to the hospitalisation. My one over-riding memory of hospital was that I hated the surgeons' rounds, everyone was prepared for the viewing, silence in the wards, was a long one with beds down the sides, so the surgeon would come up with his entourage and discuss my cock, I did ask for the curtains to be drawn but sometimes the nurse wouldnít, so everyone would be looking and listening, sometimes the surgeon would have a booming voice, and everyone could hear him, so all I can remember is shrinking back into the bed wishing to die, as Iíd have to face everyone afterwards. The last surgery was at 16 where they finally took away the strip of skin across my pee hole so with luck and fine tuning I could pee standing up and I have a good stream which I suppose is a plus for me over guys with a big meatus.

I then decided that I wanted no further surgery. So after all the surgery I was left with a penis quite misshapen, when erect of about 3.5 inches erect and 1Ē flaccid, I have a dummy hole in the top which when viewed from the top looks normal, however small, and another hole underneath for peeing through, and its only when erect however it looks weird. I hated the look of it and decided that I would stay celibate as I'd had enough of being made fun of, I knew I was gay also from a very early age but I didnít feel masculine in any way and to this day still donít.

I suffered from severe depression as a young guy growing up even contemplating suicide, although I felt if I did this then my Mother and family would be so hurt so I soldiered on as I could keeping everything to myself. I came out to them at 16 and even though I knew I was gay I wanted counselling, the local surgery made me an appointment with this guy who offered me aversion therepy, and it made things worse. The years between 16 and 38 were pretty normal I guess, I had a good circle of friends, I moved to London when I was 19 and made a career in finance. I didnít date anyone at all in all that time. So up until the age of 38 I concentrated on my career and finally decided to answer an advert in a local paper to meet another man. This after quite a few aborted attempts at leaving him a message happened, he was an older bi man and after talking to him, I thought it's now or never so I invited him back for a coffee and we went to bed. Luckily for me he had no problem with my cock and we had a 2 year relationship, which was good, however in all that time I was never able to cum, as another guy wanking me didnít work, you needed to have the ďknackĒ and also having a guy watch me wank made me self conscious and put me off, so I told him not to worry, as I still had great fun.

Penetrative sex wasnít an option either as lacking length and the sensitivity it didnít work, though in recent years I found if the other guy straddles me then it can happen, been told it's good as well as I have quite a thick penis so not all bad. I am now 53 and have had my share of guys, once I'd tried it was a case of making up for lost time, and I found that most guys were ok about my little cock, even though I was limited in what I could do. It was always nerve racking when I met a guy as before anything happened I felt I would have to say something to them, and see what happened. Over the period between 38 and 53 Iíve had a couple of relationships although not longer than 7/8 months, and once I felt less nervous my body did work properly, however even though I felt secure I still used to wonder what they saw in me when they could have better looking guys with bigger and normal looking cocks.

Hypospadias is always there in a relationship. Even if my partner has no problem with it, I think I still wait for the time when something will be said, or maybe even force the issue sometime, driving a wedge and spoiling things, almost like self-destruct. I only had one guy get up and walk out on me, that really knocked what confidence id built up over the years, I was lucky as I had a good friend who was online and hence I told him and didnít dwell on it. However since then I found what little confidence I had has gone where I'm now afraid to meet guys in case it happens again. I did consider more cosmetic surgery after this happened, but on reading up on it I decided against it as I didnít want to lose what sensitivity I had left. Also there's no guarantee it will look better anyway. I know that ďone offsĒ are usual in the gay world having spoken to lots of guys however I still put them down with me to my hypospadias even if the sex was good.

I tend to vet guys also seeing how they are with stuff when we chat, and go for older men too as they are more sympathetic I suppose, although this not always the case. With sex if I go to bed with a guy then if he goes down on me then thatís the ultimate test that he is ok with the hypospadias. I hate the way I look and think sometimes what it must be like for someone confronted by my cock, what would I do!!!! Would I want to suck it ÖÖÖÖ.as for cumming I still find that hard to achieve if Iím with someone, I donít always relax enough and prolonged foreplay, even though I stay hard, can also cause problems that way.

When telling a guy I tend to be flippant about stuff laughing it off if things donít seem to be going well, all the while breaking up inside asking what Iíve done to deserve this when other guys seem to find partners so easily. Sometimes it seems it's one thing after another and I wonder sometimes why I bother, I suppose if you donít meet guys you're not going to find anyone, so thatís why I keep on. The internet has been a godsend because Iíve looked up hypospadias several times and came across some yahoo groups, although there doesnít seem to be much interaction between members and also the majority are in the USA. There are pictures on the site too of guys with hypospadias, however once again I felt alone as they were mainly mild and also looked like normal cocks and were of a normal size too, so a double whammy for me again.

I appreciate that there are guys with small cocks, Iíve met ones with smaller than mine, but having a hypospadias AND a small deformed cock is not a good thing in the gay world. I think given the choice 2/3 more inches would have made all the difference to me. It's not been how I expected it to be - discrimination hasnít brought us together. I have however met a few guys in the UK who have helped me and even though they have mild hypospadias and therefore their problems are different to mine, they know what it's like to be different that way, scared of what people will say about their cocks. One said to me that considering what I went through I turned out a very level headed guy. My answer was if I wasnít strong I wouldnít be here now. I would love to meet a guy in the same situation as me - one who's had a lot of surgery and see how heís coped with life, so that's my next aim with the group Iíve joined in.

Regarding apportioning blame etc, I donít blame my parents at all now Iíve read up about hypospadias, at the time I was born my Mother did everything possible to get me sorted out for which I will always be grateful. It is a handicap and I'm much more sympathetic to other people with disabilities. I know what it's like to be different. I've done OK career wise but I know that without hypospadias I'd have been a totally different guy. I can see that looking at my brothers. But then, I know they've had their problems too. I'm glad I'm gay and donít have any children - I wouldn't want a son as I'd worry about passing the hypospadias on to him. Hope what Iíve written here will help any guys in the same situation. I'm always happy to chat to anyone who wants to contact me, so look forward to hearing from youÖ.


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